A room will be set for MUSIC AND ITS sector.

It is a tool to enrich the text. Even difficulties created math incentive • Equipment for algorithms • “find a good idea with …. “• character system that vary (three girls, Africa, Asia, Europe) with three colors of skirts -> possibility of double entry table Add Comment
In: one grade> Special Education Special Education Building in CEL For teachers review in April 1988 http: //www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/chantiers/87-88/chantiers_8_87-88_14 …

Authors: Didier Mujica, Frederic Lespinasse Jean Le Gal, Jean-Claude Saporito, Jean-Paul Boyer and Pierre Yvin
In: one grade> Special Education Special Education Building in CEL For teachers review in August 1988 http: //www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/chantiers/87-88/chantiers_11-12_87-8 … Authors Adrien Pittion Rossillon, Anne-Marie Djeghmoun Corinne Pittion Rossillon Frederick Lespinasse, Janine Charron, Jean Le Gal, Michel Albert, Monica Berlin Mourot and Pierre Yvin

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1 result Results The Freinet High School takes stock five years after the Beaunis By Claude 04/03/13 – 11:47 In: Region PACA> GD 13 – Bouches-du-Rhone news Education Article of “La Provence” KEY on la Ciotat …

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By Agnes Ciarapica on 10/12/16 – 7:42 p.m. In: Gr.

Departmental Delegates Meeting realized Movements> Freinet movement> departmental group WEEKEND DD on 5 and 6 November 2016 Lois Notes GD 34 At the end this weekend both rich and challenging … I give you some information as link a big return on the charter of the modern school as a single point of reference for all members to Freinet movement: http: / /www.icem-pedagogie-freinet.org/node/15376 joining ICEM is more than 80 € for 2 or 3 years.

It is dependent on income with a minimum of € 1. May join as individual or corporate: http: //www.icem-pedagogie-freinet.org/adhesion. The ICEM currently has some 770 members. an extraordinary AG will take place in April 2017. It will discuss the draft of the future status of the ICEM.

I’ll be mandated by the GD34 and go there. A DD next meeting should take place in February. I also will make me if my schedule how to get homework answers
allows me. restarting a IMAGE sector with the release in 2017 of two films on P. Bohec: http://www.icem-pedagogie-freinet.org/secteur-images (contact: Michel MULAT) The magazine project JCOOP for cycle 3 (CE2 to the 6th) takes shape.

The number 0 will be released in March (reflection to send a copy to each GD). No to 5 euros, subscription or sales copy will apparently both options selected as tested and approved on BTJ, JMAG and New Educator.

All details for each category: Cover Exit Games (reports) invented stories Barter stuff (instructions) Presentations Nonfiction Math Challenges Experiences Poems math Incentives Loved heart Comics Pictures free Achievements mystery Call for Participation classes: http : //www.icem-pedagogie-freinet.org/mag-cycle-3-appel-participation-des-classes Contact: bruno.jolysicem-freinet.org (Bruno Jolys) The construction sector and publishing tools now has its paper catalog . The area is in contact with the Canopy network to provide teachers with the fruit of his labor. At the TOOLS area, missing class members (mainly detached and retirees).

The call is initiated. The distribution is done by PEMF-BPE who just bought Bourrelier. The industry meets new interlocutor BPE 12/12 for editing tools before the Congress of Grenoble, including a naturally 7/12 years sciences.

Contact: joelle.martin62icem-freinet.org (Joelle Martin) (Joelle is not against the idea of ??editing the document GD34: read-write and training mediators, we would need to discuss). New Educator: a special issue to the 50 years of the death of Celestin. There are 6 people on the editorial board. The themes are planned for the year and do not hesitate to make proposals.

The next two numbers will be on: self and others / joy, jubilation and pleasure … in the work. The latest issue of the school year could be the theme of the congress … the road to emancipation. Contact: catherine.chabrunicem-freinet.org (Catherine Chabrun) A collective solidarity is mounted in college to organize the congress of the ICEM. It therefore held from August 22 to 25 in Grenoble. A website will soon be open for registration.

There will be no scheduled plenary but roundtables. Each site / sector / g is asked to present something. We must put forward in the proposals making related to the theme, the gauge, if transmissive or participatory, it can be done several times during the conference. A brochure will soon be broadcast including requests for DIF. It is expected that the roundtables are recorded and broadcast on the ICEM website.

One of the lecture halls will offer a class experienced projection programming. The organizers therefore appeal to all to offer video footage on the conference theme. Similarly, the Committee EXPOSURE uses all contributions on the theme of PATH. A room will be set for MUSIC AND ITS sector. It is expected the childcare contracted with a facilitator.

Link to the resource persons of the ICEM and finally I opened a space on the site ICEM34 COOP’ICEM. We are one of the most active GD but we were almost invisible on the movement’s website. Here is the link to this email Sorry indigestible.

And thank you for going to the end. Laws, self-declared SD GD34 Workshop GD-CA communication request for an explanation of ca missions and AC operation is a sub committee of animation file FDVA projects, finances, relationship secretariat, various letters, requests sectors, requests yards, GD administrative side: find money to pay for permanent (detached secretaries) budget to find and people management (job descriptions), assignment detached animated side: keep current, impulse of things, regular national meetings (I or internship Fede Toussaint, SD).

It has more links with the working groups. DD meetings a few years old. There is a specific budget for these meetings and departmental entertainment committee. For a while, there was a desk officer who was taking new GD from his area.

It remains Annie Troncy which administers the NDRC list. – failure links with GDs of which is not known to exist (eg Limoges, occitanie 11, 66 …) ==> cf organization not federalism – GD SLEEP awakened (eg Marne or Herault) or more groups in the same department (34 Beziers and Montpellier) or in Moselle (2 informal groups that do not want to go further) more priority given to departmental officials people Pb do not know who to contact if you want to create a GD adherent the ICEM? How to react to the structures that claim to Freinet and n not adhere to the movement?

There are 40 departments that adhere to the ICEM since we proposed a moral allegiance. There are no departments gd and departments where there are several freinet groups. Our strength is to have created a movement. How to that unknown groups feel part of this great movement? The idea of ??federalism should not be pyramid but rather network.

What he should not is that people end up destitute and although currently some groups do not attend national meetings, they are resource persons who act locally. And what to however is that they have access to information. If new groups are formed, what is the point to go up in departmental asso?

It can also be a local group and not necessarily County.


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